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PT. OSN Indonesia
PT. OSN Indonesia was established in 2003 in Jakarta. Our company is engaged in web-based and cloud-based information technology that promotes IT as the solution for telecommunication, management, and information problems.
Unlike other software houses, we build flexible, efficient, and efficient information system, made especially to fit out client's needs. We provide the best solution to imporve your business processes - made just for you.
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"Dedicated to Excellence, Dedicated to Service"

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Berita :

Tech in Asia adalah kegiatan tahunan yang diselenggarakan untuk mempertemukan berbagai stakeholder yang bergerak di bidang IT. kegiatan ini berlangsung pada tanggal 12-13 April 2016 di SUNTEC Exhibition & Convention Centre Event ini telah berlangsung sejak tahun 2012 dan sejak itu terus meningkatkan frekuensi serta lokasi kegiatan di berbagai negara Asia.